Laima Jurča is a fashion artist and designer living and working in Riga (Latvia). Born and raised shortly after Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union, in a small town of Eastern Latvia next to the Russian border. Her childhood was saturated with a thrilling 90s period with post Soviet reminiscences and a new era of capitalist society opportunities. The bright and controversial background naturally affected Laima's personality and thereby influenced the concepts and stories of her creative work. Each collection brings attention to particular topics that are based on her observation of the cultural or social aspects. Experiments of mixing colors, prints, and bold patterns are the main tools that help to manifest her ideas into living objects. She looks at fashion through the prism of art, but still keeping the wearable functionality in her designs.
   In 2013 Laima entered the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) - Fashion Design department and graduated from Bachelor's and Master's programs with the highest distinction. As a student, Laima participated and gained main prizes in several fashion shows and young designer contests in the Baltic states, Ukraine, including 1st prize in Poland “LYFA” and being the finalist of the USA ”Arts of Fashion Foundation” festival in recent years. 
   After graduation from the AAL Master program in 2019, Laima entered a creative industry business incubator  -  "Magnetic Latvia" for fashion branding and business development and support. Currently, Laima is a Professional Doctorate student in arts and design at the AAL. In Her Professional Doctorate studies, she aims to focus on problems of the consumer society and bring the attention of fashion as a communication platform.
   Fashion Finalist of the Festival d’Hyères 36th edition.